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My sincere respect to Lady Julia Clements

I would like to thank my dear Julia Clements for the inspiration I received!

This Story started in 2008, when I was looking after for elderly people. I took care of an extremely nice lady for a couple of months who changed my life without my knowledge. Unfortunately, we couldn't talk much because of her condition. She was 103 years old at the time, but she was always kind polite and joyful. All I knew about Lady Julia was that she had traveled the world and worked with flowers, and she was invited to the Chelsea Flower Show as a VIP guest.

My life turned out in such a way that I continued my journey in a different area and my relationship with this extremely kind Lady was severed, who at that time did not have much contact with this world.

The story continues ten years later, when I moved to Sydney and I was at a point in my life when I didn't know how to continue, where I wanted to go to develop and learn. I spent 2 weeks with friends in a small town in Australia away from the noise of the world, where I spent a most part of my day with my thoughts and myself. I was trying to find the right answer about what to do with my life. Some point I had a picture in my mind to see myself surrounded with flowers and felt happy and relaxed.

This image was so powerful that the next day I decided to start directing my life in this direction. When I moved back to England, I decided that I wanted to learn the basics of flower arrangement and gain experience in this field. I chose a random school from the internet. When I walked into the school on my first day, Lady Julia was smiling at me from a photo on the wall, then I knew I had done it right and I had received some secret message from her. I have come a long way in the past 9 years and my love and respect for the profession and flowers only grew stronger. A couple of months ago, I was in London again for work and I remembered this story. I would have liked to know more about this lovely woman who I believe inspired me on a secret level. With the help of Google, I quickly managed to find the history of her and it turned out that more than 50 books were published by her in which she tells about her life and her knowledge about flowers. I thought I would like to read these books and I was so lucky that I could managed to order a couple of them on ebay, where one of the books has with her autograph. Reading the story, I really regret that I couldn't talk to her when I had the chance. It is clear from her stories that she was a real good soul and helped a lot of women who were left alone after the Second World War. She held courses on the English garden design and later on how to arrange the flowers. She received invitations from all over the world. My sincere respect to Lady Julia’s soul and her work and Huge Thanks for her secret inspiration!

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